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Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm
Unity, Maine
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Thank you for participating in our 2017 Cria Cam project.  The following is a list of requirements that you must agree to in order to participate.

  1. You will need a smart phone/ I phone that you can download our CCTV app onto OR internet access to enter our CCTV web address to watch from your computer.  You must be in Internet Explorer to use our cameras.  Firefox and Chrome will not work.  Most all computers come with IE or you can download it to your computer for free.
  1. Agree not to share the web address or camera IP address with others unless they agree to sign up through our website. You can share viewing from your device with as many people as you like and encourage them to participate by signing up for viewing.
  1. Agree NOT to contact us with suggestions, instructions or guidance in reference to what you are viewing on our cameras or how to best care for our alpacas. We have been raising alpacas for 11 years and have delivered over 30 baby alpacas.  We originally set the cameras up for our own use several years ago and sharing them with you is our way of giving you the opportunity to witness the miracle of birth.  We will have to cancel the public viewing should the feedback get out of control.
  1. The $5 fee is to help offset the costs of supporting our viewers through set up process. At times the internet does drop out and you may see viewing paused for a short time.  This is very unusual but does happen occasionally.
  1. We will keep everyone updated on camera activity via facebook on our farm page, Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm.

We look forward to sharing this exciting summer with you!!

Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm Team

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